Linda Sejic, Lisa Sterle, Vita Ayala, Erica Schultz, Natasha Alterici & more join DESTINY, NY's return with special issues

Linda Sejic, Lisa Sterle, Vita Ayala, Erica Schultz, Natasha Alterici & more join DESTINY, NY's return with special issues

After wrapping up its second volume, DESTINY, NY will launch a set of anthology issues beginning on Valentine's Day 2022 with a roster of some of the most exciting creators in comics!

It all starts February 9th with the DESTINY, NY: VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL
From Rachel Dukes, Rosi Kämpe, Chiara Colasanti, and Pat Shand.
In the first special Destiny, NY one-shot, writer Pat Shand (Snap Flash Hustle, Thirsty) tells three stories of love, yearning, and romance set in a world where magic is a real and accepted part of everyday life. In these slice-of-life stories, a cat escapes, a Necromancer is scorned, and vows are renewed. If you haven’t jumped on board the ongoing Destiny, NY title, this one-shot is the perfect jumping on point.

Then in March, we're excited to bring you DESTINY, NY: NUANCE, Pt 1:
- Vita Ayala (The Wilds, Black [AF]: Devil's Dye, New Mutants) writes an emotional, haunting tale of Cherry Gilbert: Necromancer. 
- Singer-songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs and Kristin Russo team up with Megan Levens (Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10, Madame Frankenstein) for a sendoff to New York City as one of our characters departs… forever? 
- Emily Ree (Anarchy Dreamers) writes and draws a slice-of-life story about Anthony the Seer. 
- Lauren Reilly and creator Pat Shand tell a tale of home and friendship through the eyes of Logan’s cat, Brody.

And this special run wraps up in April with DESTINY, NY: NUANCE, Pt 2:
- Amy Shand (Prison Witch) and Lisa Sterle (Witchblood) take Henley, resident Prophecy Professor, to anger management. 
- Claudia Aguirre (Kim & Kim) and Brian Cogan (Encyclopedia of Punk) look back at Arvid’s murderous history of crime and loyalty. 
- Erica Schultz (Forgotten Home) and Natasha Alterici (Heathen) look at the tragic past and odd future of Lilith and Song Aberdine. 
- Pat Shand and songwriter/artist Katie Kuffel team up for this dream-like comic poem to close out the second arc of Destiny, NY and send us off to the sunny shores of California for a new story.

We are thrilled to bring you these special issues so we can all experience the world of DESTINY, NY through the unique lenses of some of our favorite creators in comics!

HECATE'S WILL delivers an outsider-art adventure about Hecate, a street-art heroine using graffiti to impact the world

HECATE'S WILL delivers an outsider-art adventure about Hecate, a street-art heroine using graffiti to impact the world

Launching this month from writer/illustrator Iolanda Zanfardino (Alice In Leatherland, A Thing Called Truth), HECATE'S WILL introduces us to a graffiti artist heroine named Hecate who uses her art to impact the world in this street-smart adventure that celebrates outsider-art, diverse found family, LGBTQIA+ rock musicals, and never giving up on your dreams. 

“HECATE’S WILL is about the fight against the little voice in your head that reminds you ‘if you can’t take it anymore, you can always give up,'" said Zanfardino, "but you have to keep fighting it because the only way you can live your life is to be true to yourself.”

In HECATE’S WILL, we meet legendary NYC graffiti artist Hecate, who is facing burnout & despair and has decided to retire, abandoning her dream of changing the world through art--but, before she quits, she’s going to create one final street-art experience: a graffiti scavenger hunt through the streets of Manhattan that will lead her fans to a final message and artistic testament. 

As her street-art experiment catches fire with young NYC artists and activists, Hecate's best friend ropes her into working on a revival of the musical ‘RENT’ by a joyous ensemble of LGBTQIA+ artists who remind her how art brings people together, challenging all of Hecate’s expectations and assumptions. But will it be enough to inspire Hecate to renew her convictions and remain true to her artistic self? 

As Iolanda describes the book: “HECATE’S WILL is a story for anyone who knows that making Art means proudly showing your scars to the world.” 

With HECATE’S WILL, Iolanda Zanfardino has created a character struggling against creative burnout, isolation, and heartache. Hecate’s true nemesis is despair itself--she just might be the very hero we need right now.

Black Mask Surprise-Publishes GODKILLER Special Issue & Secret "Thank You" Variant

Black Mask Surprise-Publishes GODKILLER Special Issue &  Secret "Thank You" Variant

The first issue of the dark fantasy series GODKILLER: TOMORROW'S ASHES hits shops today, and Black Mask is celebrating the saga's long-awaited return with two surprises!

First, Black Mask is commemorating Nen Chang & Liz Tecca's stunning, handpainted cover which broke internal records to become Black Mask's all-time bestseller, with a secret "Thank You" variant that features Nen's painting unblemished by logos or trade dress.

Godkiller Tomorrow's Ashes #1 Nen Chang Liz Tecca Anna Muckcracker Matteo Pizzolo

At the same time, Black Mask is surprise-publishing GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US #8, a standalone story written as an epilogue to the original series. Never before released as a single issue, this story introduces the character Bonecrusher who plays a pivotal role in the ongoing Godkiller saga. 

Godkiller: Walk Among Us #8 Ben Templesmith Anna Muckcracker Matteo Pizzolo

Black Mask rushed both of these secret releases to shops for the 7.7.21 launch of GODKILLER: TOMORROW'S ASHES #1.

Godkiller Tomorrow's Ashes #1 Leila Del Duca Anna Muckcracker Matteo Pizzolo

GODKILLER: TOMORROW’S ASHES marks the return of the Godkiller saga created by Matteo Pizzolo and Anna Muckcracker as an underground comic in 2008, adapted into an animated film directed by Pizzolo and distributed by Warner Bros in 2011, then released to the direct market by Black Mask Studios starting in 2014.  

In fact, GODKILLER was the project that laid the groundwork for Brett Gurewitz and Steve Niles to collaborate with Pizzolo on what would become Black Mask Studios.  

As Gurewitz said when Black Mask re-issued GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US, "Godkiller is smart, transgressive, and innovative, it's great to finally have these characters join Black Mask's pantheon."  

And Niles added, "A lot of people claim to be on the cutting edge. Pizzolo actually is."

"Godkiller is that early display of genius,” said Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Nightwing, Batman & Robin Eternal). “A nascent voice ready to make a lot of fucking noise. It showed Pizzolo's skills, his tastes, his balls, and it set the stage for what would come from Black Mask and Pizzolo."  

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (directors of the upcoming MOON KNIGHT series on Disney+, whose previous films include THE ENDLESS and SYNCHRONIC), called GODKILLER: "A singular vision full of fresh elegant brutality and dark humor, it's like some genius commissioned Chuck Palahniuk, Terry Gilliam and Aleister Crowley to reinvent dystopia fiction.”

This newest series provides a fresh jumping on point for new readers while continuing the saga for Godkiller's devoted fans.

Godkiller Tomorrow's Ashes #1 Anna Muckcracker Matteo Pizzolo

In GODKILLER: TOMORROW’S ASHES, orphan Tommy continues his quest to find a new heart for his dying sister, but he’s been captured by The Republic. Anti-heroine Halfpipe wants to rescue Tommy, but she’ll need help from mysterious bounty hunter Soledad, who’s not exactly in the helping-people business. From Matteo Pizzolo (CALEXIT) and Anna Muckcracker, the comic that Zac Thompson said "pushed me further than I've ever been pushed" returns to ratchet up the chaos and roar through the comic market, spitting punk rock fury, thundering into your eyeballs and running roughshod across your brains with its often mindbending, sometimes horrifying, always clever & devious tale of sci-fi magic, apocalyptic sex, and subversive mindbombs.  

GODKILLER: TOMORROW’S ASHES #1 hits stores on July 7, 2021 with a stunning painted cover by NEN CHANG and beautiful variant covers by ANNA MUCKCRACKER and LEILA DEL DUCA.

Godkiller Tomorrow's Ashes #1 Nen Chang Liz Tecca Anna Muckcracker Matteo Pizzolo