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        Rogue State

        Rogue State

        “Depicts American Hellscape in Art.”

        “The concepts Matt Pizzolo is presenting here are so familiar they should be terrifying... Sometimes the best fiction could be ripped from tomorrow’s headlines if you don’t open your eyes today.”
        -CHUCK D (Public Enemy)

        Political violence plunges America into turmoil. Local police forces join with the National Guard, but even their combined strength is unable to quell the rage. Filling the vacuum, militia groups rise into roving gangs of vigilantes. 

        In a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, an embattled Supreme Court overturns two centuries of settled law by recognizing militias as Constitutionally protected. In an instant, every paramilitary gang in America is suddenly deputized, transforming the entire country into a vigilante police-state. Lockdowns set in. Fear spreads… and whispers of revolution.     

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